Thursday, December 27, 2012

PhD—Plotting Her Destiny

Dance Interrogations now becomes a full-time journey for the next three years as doctoral research (thank you Deakin University).

Following on from the 2012 collection of 14 improvised 30 minute solos in Adelaide and Edinburgh, now begins an intensive interrogation of the body as a site of meaning and creative interface in dance performance.

Over three years I aim to accumulate an artwork with my audience—each individual simultaneously witnessing and creating within our performative interaction. The performance combines dance, physical theatre, voice, soundscape and video projection in unusual architectural locations that act as metaphors for the body attending to the detail of the interior, it's volume, openings, texture, acoustic, history, function. 

I am proposing an interactive art in which the sharing of physical space also shares the power, responsibility, and creative voice. By dissolving the space between performer and audience, invading their intimate and interior spaces through proximity, touch, question, implication, I seek to interrogate the way we view the dancing body and implicate our bodies as creative and communicative vessels.

My role as improvisational performer is simultaneously that of subject and witness, uncovering the artefacts of my history as I share a particular experience with an audience. I interrogate my physicality and in doing so uncover traces of emotion, vocabulary, incident, idea that have moved through my architecture. I implicate my audience in the narrative as our bodies share this 30 minutes in a particular site.

It is a three-dimensional sharing of interior spaces both physical and metaphoric

...a fleshing of the interface