Thursday, December 27, 2012

PhD—Plotting Her Destiny

Dance Interrogations now becomes a full-time journey for the next three years as doctoral research (thank you Deakin University).

Following on from the 2012 collection of 14 improvised 30 minute solos in Adelaide and Edinburgh, now begins an intensive interrogation of the body as a site of meaning and creative interface in dance performance.

Over three years I aim to accumulate an artwork with my audience—each individual simultaneously witnessing and creating within our performative interaction. The performance combines dance, physical theatre, voice, soundscape and video projection in unusual architectural locations that act as metaphors for the body attending to the detail of the interior, it's volume, openings, texture, acoustic, history, function. 

I am proposing an interactive art in which the sharing of physical space also shares the power, responsibility, and creative voice. By dissolving the space between performer and audience, invading their intimate and interior spaces through proximity, touch, question, implication, I seek to interrogate the way we view the dancing body and implicate our bodies as creative and communicative vessels.

My role as improvisational performer is simultaneously that of subject and witness, uncovering the artefacts of my history as I share a particular experience with an audience. I interrogate my physicality and in doing so uncover traces of emotion, vocabulary, incident, idea that have moved through my architecture. I implicate my audience in the narrative as our bodies share this 30 minutes in a particular site.

It is a three-dimensional sharing of interior spaces both physical and metaphoric

...a fleshing of the interface

Sunday, September 16, 2012

international reflections

Sitting cross-legged in Ahmedabad poised for the return to Oz
after six weeks of continent hopping
sometimes dancing, sometimes chair-pushing
connecting in hops, skips, bumps
my skin has mapped meetings in bruised intricacies
temporary tattoos with lasting deep tissue images
(Edinburgh's deltoid, Gothenburg's shins, Delhi's ribcage...)

The solo in Edinburgh became a true interrogation
a black hole of an interview room with space for only a handful of victims
I began the season with it empty except for my body,
sometimes laying mid-floor, sometimes blurring the edges
and as the days progressed, added or subtracted chairs,
static forms—4 grouped for a card game or 1 laying askew as though a scuffle has occurred—
the interactions with audience became much more loaded and intense framed in this darkness,
(than the tunnel in Adelaide)
and yet still some trust developed over the 30 minutes
so these strangers became collaborators in my unpacking,
bits of joy jumping us in unison, pieces of longing connecting our hands and cheeks
the added final image of my ghostly self on my stripped back body helped spear the black, pierce an opening in our minds to another time, location, identity beyond that show's hundred moments

The showing in Gothenburg at the independent space 'Atalante' was a combination of my solo dove-tailing into a duet with Melinda Smith. I began in the foyer (as my colleague Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt did her introductions in Swedish) muttering and rolling, crawling my way through their legs and into their laps before leading them into the main auditorium. The "needs cleaning" warning that came up on their projector (I had forgotten to turn it on again pre-show) had me down scrubbing the floors before the mini me projection eventually came on. My 15 mins, ending with the final ghost image, led into Mel entering the space in her wheelchair (while I changed costume) to shift the landscape before I re-entered for a further 15 mins improvised trio (2 bodies and 1 wheelchair).

Returned to Darpana Academy, Ahmedabad, site of my Asialink residency six years ago and my Indian home on a few occasions since... Mel and I did a showing of our duet on Thursday 13/9 for the Darpana company and some of the students, followed by the 2 films I made with/for Mel—'A Beautiful Day' and the document of her 'Cultivate' arts access grant.

I taught five workshops at three different schools in the past week and Mel and I did a talk and performance at Apang Manav Mandal, a school/organisation for children with disabilities.

Mallika has invited me to collaborate on a project with her next year (now to raise the funds for travel...)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

on entertainment

Now I'm halfway through my portion of this festival, in the middle of it
I'm in semi-reflection mode, as you are when you travel/perform solo

There's a lot of striving...a bit of a super sale mentality
buskers bare their teeth at spruikers
spruikers bare their souls thrusting their flyers
everyone's playing a hook
as "no better than this", "absolutely hilarious","a star in the making"
the population is 80% performer fighting over the carcasses of backpackers, seniors and spanish tour groups

There is a lot of gyration going on and I feel the satisfaction is as substantial as the fairy floss getting sold on the sidewalk

Today I had three people come to my show and I said to them at one point that only the four of us will ever share this 30 minutes...we had added an experience to our fleshy filing cabinet, one uniquely was specific, personal

at other shows I have seen I feel that the performer audience exchange is a little dirty...after the applause there is an averting of gaze as they separate, return to their disparate lives...the laughter neatly contained and disposed of in the condom of that performance space

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Edinburgh Fringe show 2

Great show today...a lovely audience who all obeyed beautifully even to sustained jumping and blinking (actually out-lasted me). Who says you can't still create a world in a carpeted black box? (actually a mini hotel conference room pretending to be an even mini-er theatre)

However that 30 minutes was only a portion of the day's performing...have taken to dancing in floral dress on the grassmarket to do the flyer distribution (and as a pre-show warm up). Today I got a spontaneous hug from a stranger who appreciated my energy. 'Show me your 8 bucks' I should have said but instead just went for the feel.

Friday, August 3, 2012

a week to go

Only a week before I hit Edinburgh. I'm doing a practice performance tonight in Adelaide at Ausdance 7pm. See the attached link of a bit of practice with my new travel-friendly canon SLR yesterday.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

pre-Edinburgh Adelaide showing

I'm doing a dress rehearsal on Saturday 4th August at 7pm
Ausdance SA studio
Station Arcade, Adelaide
entry via the Blyth Street Care Park and take the lift to level 3

reply to

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

dance as an act of survival

To be a mature dance artist is a particular act of survival. It requires both a hardening of political resolve and a softening into the complex flux of physicality. There is a richness of expression, personal and technical, that lives within the mature dancer's body—textural detail and virtuosic nuance that emerges from the experiential. There are emotions and truths housed in this physicality that dancing can access, offering possibilities beyond the misogynist glossary of pubescent nymph or lusty seductress. Even in our globally "enlightened" times, dancers remain hung between tutu and g-string by the mass perceptions that objectify women, deny the intelligence of the body and continue to worship at the altar of the young and air-brushed.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Show 5

Show 5: a lovely blend of significant creative others past and present plus a healthy measure of strangers to keep me less honest
the costumes got obliterated, crotch a kimbo, zips yawning
my skin and the crumbling brick becoming fast friends
head hits wheelchair
"don't be afraid"

the longest hug from the most respected teacher

one more show tomorrow
the birthday edition

Friday, March 2, 2012

found objects

part of a pick-pocketed poem from last night:

"heart drummed aquatic
ballet hugged to a halt

Thursday, March 1, 2012

dress rehearsal image

Opening tonight Friday 2nd March

(Preview pictured...ancient brick texting)