Wednesday, July 18, 2012

pre-Edinburgh Adelaide showing

I'm doing a dress rehearsal on Saturday 4th August at 7pm
Ausdance SA studio
Station Arcade, Adelaide
entry via the Blyth Street Care Park and take the lift to level 3

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  1. We were drawn in to witness your thoughts and taken on little adventures the other night. Fantastic, thank you Dianne! Sometimes addressing us personally I felt very much part of the action and enjoyed watching other observers move and position themselves, their subtle reactions, gestures and expressions as well as your more dynamic movement. There was suspense and intrigue as you appeared around furniture, inbetween people and sometimes vanishing..... It made me Curious to find out more and often moved in to get a closer look. I enjoyed the connections from one thought to the next and the freedom in which you played and responded,very much in the moment. We could create our own view and composition, an intimate and personal experience which triggerd our own thoughts and memories. I enjoyed being taken along on a journey not knowing where we were headed next, sometimes wanting to join in with your leaping, flying and dancing in your party dress. It reminded me of all that other stuff that we carry around with us, all the stories, experiences and emotions. Have a great time in Edinburgh, everyone will love it! Tammy