Wednesday, August 15, 2012

on entertainment

Now I'm halfway through my portion of this festival, in the middle of it
I'm in semi-reflection mode, as you are when you travel/perform solo

There's a lot of striving...a bit of a super sale mentality
buskers bare their teeth at spruikers
spruikers bare their souls thrusting their flyers
everyone's playing a hook
as "no better than this", "absolutely hilarious","a star in the making"
the population is 80% performer fighting over the carcasses of backpackers, seniors and spanish tour groups

There is a lot of gyration going on and I feel the satisfaction is as substantial as the fairy floss getting sold on the sidewalk

Today I had three people come to my show and I said to them at one point that only the four of us will ever share this 30 minutes...we had added an experience to our fleshy filing cabinet, one uniquely was specific, personal

at other shows I have seen I feel that the performer audience exchange is a little dirty...after the applause there is an averting of gaze as they separate, return to their disparate lives...the laughter neatly contained and disposed of in the condom of that performance space

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